SupraSensor Technologies brings molecular sensing to the masses. With many of today’s groundbreaking technologies dependent upon accurate and dependable environmental cues, our mission is to develop and improve current sensor systems by monitoring molecule-molecule interactions directly. Our technologies are based on intellectual property coming out of research conducted at the most basic levels, where our innovations translate fundamental science research directly into products for improving everyday life.


Our vision is to develop a scalable, high growth business by applying our technologies to solve unmet needs for detecting and monitoring critical molecular components in agriculture and industry, especially where improvement results in sustainable processes. In serving as a vehicle for innovation in the Pacific Northwest, we will:

  • Attract, develop and retain bright people passionate about making a difference for the company and the region
  • Working with inventors via university tech transfer offices to provide pathways for innovation out of the research lab
  • Through outreach activities develop an understanding in the public that basic science research does result in helpful technologies to everyday people


People Attracting, developing and retaining the brightest people that are the best at what they do, passionate about their colleagues and customers, and especially for themselves and their community.

Innovation Redefining the idea about public investment in academic research by providing useful technologies from basic science. Understanding the needs of both customers and end users, and seeking creative resolutions to those needs.

Sustainability Taking responsibility for tomorrow by conscientious investment of our resource

Integrity In everything the company undertakes it will demonstrate honesty and sound ethical behavior.

Quality Building a sound community while incorporating operational excellence and uncompromising quality into every aspect of daily processes. Never resting on past accomplishments – always seeking continuous improvements in both work and play.