Foundational Technology

We are developing foundational technology that makes use of Nature’s ability to assemble molecules into simple yet elegant complexes, the formation of which can be tapped as a source of information about the environment on a molecular level. SupraSensor Technologies is currently focused on providing in-soil sensors for wireless monitoring of nitrate fertilizers in precision agriculture. These sensors are completely wireless, autonomous and provide real-time information about fertilizer levels at any depth in a growing field. With such minute-to-minute detail, grower’s can resist over-fertilization and save input dollars, while reducing the environmental footprint of their operations.

Field Nutrient Sensor

The “Field Nutrient Sensor™” (FNS™) approach allows for a snapshot of the current nitrate levels in a field, and works in tandem with current soil moisture probes. Our N-measurement modules are being designed to communicate wirelessly with the existing network, and report nitrate-N on demand (up to 200 times a day) for the duration of the growing season. This autonomous measurement of field-moist soil will avoid the need for expensive and time-consuming soil sample collection, and enables data-guided fertigation.

The individual FNS™ sensors are fully enclosed and carry their own power and data storage. Contact us for development details, current interface requirements and planned availability.

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